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This is a shop favorite and our go-to recommendation for eFoilers, whether you’re new to the sport or looking to upgrade from a previous generation. This board is the perfect size and shape for just about all of your foiling needs and offers easy transport and handling.

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The juice​

 45Ah, 50V battery pack powers your Albatross e-foil from 60 min to more then 150 min, depending on rider weight, use type and experience level.

Our test riders covered more then 30km of distance on a single charge!

The top-of the-line power cells are are just building blocks, it is the way that we assemble them and manage their output characteristics trough our Battery Management Unit (BMU) that makes the difference. The power cells and BMU are then enclosed in a carbon fiber housing and encapsulated with a special aerospace foam that protects from vibrations and water intrusion.

CHARGER: 20A smart charger, enabling full charge of an empty battery in approximately 2h time.


Remote control​​

The Albatross’s handheld remote control allows you to dictate how fast you want to go.  Linear power control for the most precise control of your e-foiling experience. OLED display shows battery status…and that’s it. We kept it very simple, so you can focus on your riding and surroundings, and not on another screen.


The Albatross makes you fly...

The standard wing on the Albatross has a 1270cm2  surface area and was shaped so that everyone can master and ride the Albatross almost effortlessly.  For more advanced riders, that like a more responsive wing shape, there is the Pro version available in  our shop. Both options are of course made of 100% carbon fiber by us in Europe.


100% carbon

The Albatross’s super silent propeller is made of 100% Carbon Fiber. Another world’s first. Because of this, it weighs just 75 grams, and offers the most responsive power transmission from the electric motor. It’s parameters were designed with sophisticated fluid dynamic software, thoroughly tested and tweaked, and adjusted for a wide spectrum of rider weights. So besides looking cooler then any other prop on the market, you will feel its silent thrust and be amazed. Guaranteed!


Rest on the water or go really fast​

The Albattross  inflatable board is like a short surfboard, affixed with a super silent direct-drive electric motor integrated into a full Carbon Fiber Mast. 

 The board is made of high-quality double-layer, drop-stitch material. 

 There are thousands  of nylon threads connecting the top and bottom sides of the board, making it hold its shape. Because of double-layer construction the board is extremely durable to abrasion and impacts, and we back that with our 2 year warranty! Albatross is also the only board on the market that features our OVP – Over Pressure Valve, which ensures that even if you forget your board in the sun it will not be damaged.

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Without the battery pack, the Albatross weighs at only 24kg /50 pounds only. Low weight makes it easy to carry, easy to store and easy to ride.

Albatross e-foil comes with a 2-year warranty on the inflatable board, and 1-year warranty on all the other components (carbon fiber, battery, electronics)
Actually it is very durable and resistant to impacts and abrasions. While composite material like glass fiber and carbon fiber, can be easily damaged because of single-point impact (eg. crashing into a pier or shore, or dropping a board on solid ground), the inflatable board provides better durability in these scenarios. It also provides additional safety for the rider in case of fall. We have used the best materials for the board, which means double layer drop stitch fabric. The outer layer provides UV and abrasion protection, and the inner layers are connected with thousands of strands, giving the board its shape and rocker, and providing a stable platform for the rider. Albatross is the only e-foil on the market equipped with an over pressure relieve valve, which provides additional protection for the board, We have been testing the inflatable boards for a few years, and that is why we can confidently back them with a 2 year warranty.

We made the Albatross e-foil with the most powerful battery that is still within acceptable weight range. The battery has a nominal voltage of 50V and 45Ah capacity. How long can you ride with a single charge depends on various factors, as with all electric vehicles. The most important are weight, cruising speed and experience of the rider.
Lets look at two examples, first being a total beginner with a weight of 110kg, and the second being an experienced rider with a weight of 70kg, both using the board with an average of 60 – 70% of power.
The total beginner with a weight of 110kg can expect around 50 minutes of riding time, as he will be foiling for just short amounts of time, most of the time the board will be in contact with water, creating additional drag. Also there will be a lot of stop and go, as he is foiling for he first time.
The 70kg experienced rider on the other hand can expect riding times in excess of 120 minutes, as he will start foiling immediately after start, minimizing drag, and just enjoy the ride.

Again, it depends on a lot of factors, including rider weight and experience and also weather conditions. Our test riders reached speeds in excess of 50km/h in perfect conditions. But even a complete novice that is of a bigger build, can reach 35 km/h easily.
Our wing and mast designs have ben optimized for ease of riding, so one of the design parameters was that the foils should provide enough lift even at lower, beginner friendly speeds, so depending on the weight of the rider, you can expect to start foiling between 13-17km/h or approximately 8-11 mph.
Changing the battery on the Albatross e-foil literally takes 30 seconds. There are no wires or hoses to disconnect or connect, you simply pull out the battery case and insert a new one as you can see in the video below. (vstavimo video o menjavi baterije).

This depends a lot on the user, but due to high volume board that offers great stability and safety, and the foil shape that has been optimized for ease of riding, most users experience the feeling of flying over the water in about 20 minutes.h

Of course! It was designed to do just that, but for beginners we recommend to start on flat water on a calm day.

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