Additional Battery

3.000,00 (TAX incl.)

It powers your Albatross e-foil from 60 min to more then 120 min, depending on rider weight, use type and experience level. The top-of-the line power cells are are just building blocks, it is the way that we assemble them and manage their output characteristics trough our Battery Management Unit (BMU) that makes the difference. The power cells and BMU are then enclosed in a carbon fiber housing and encapsulated with a special aerospace foam that protects from vibrations and water intrusion.



  • nominal voltage of 50V
  • 45Ah capacity
  • weight 14kg
  • Approximate riding times
    • 100kg-60min(60%-70%)
    • 70kg-120min(60%-70%)
Batery Capacity

30Ah, 45Ah


With every Albatross e-foil order you get an ADDITIONAL FREE battery!